Interior Ironwork

In this section you will find interior products to compliment your home. I particularly specialise in various types of hooks and offer many styles in varying sizes to create bespoke and stylistic features for your home.

All my interior products are coated with traditional beeswax whilst the metal is still hot which lovingly seals and protects the metal and provides a handmade burnished finish.

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Horse Shoe T~Lights

Price: £50.00

Bring your mantelpiece to life with a pair a beautiful horse shoe T~Lights. Each T~ Light has two real horse shoes mounted onto a hand forged base plate which has been softened under the hammer to create a stunning hand forged look.

When a T- light is placed win the middle and the lights are turned off these project a lovely horse shoe shape onto the wall. They are polished and finished with a traditional beeswax finish. T light included and gift boxed

Love Heart T-Lights

Price: £40.00

This pair of Love Heart T~ Lights have been crafted over the anvil with delicate tapers forming the arc of heart. The base plate which the hearts are mounted upon have been softened under the hammer so that there are no straight edges, this creates a quirky and rustic feel to the ironwork.
When a small candle or T~ Light is placed within, it creates a beautiful heart shaped reflection on the wall. They are polished and finished with a traditional beeswax finish and come presented in their own gift box with T-lights included. 

Small Penny End Hook

Price: £4.00

These tiny little hooks have been crafted over the anvil with care to create a practical yet stylish hook to enhance the any interior of your home.
These hooks are polished whilst still hot and coated with traditional beeswax to provide a perfect interior finnish. 
5 cm length
3 cm wide
4 mm hole for attachment
Beeswax finish

Beam Hook- 'Drive in'

Price: £6.00

Whether for practical use or simply decoration, this small beam hook may be what you have been looking for. It has hand forged taper to drive into the beam with a decorative scroll tip feature which will give a period look to new beams.
3 inch total length
1 inch height of hook
Beeswax finish

Flat Hook

Price: £6.00

Using traditional blacksmithing techniques, I have carefully softened all the edges of the hook under the hammer to give each hook its own authentic and rustic look. These stylish hooks are practically strong and can be used in many places within your home.

9 cm High
2 cm Wide
4 cm Depth of hook
2 fixing holes
Burnished rustic beeswax finish

Decorative Hand Forged Hooks on Solid Oak

Price: £120.00

Made in my small Northamptonshire forge, I have hand forged five large decorative 'scroll tip' hooks and mounted them onto solid English oak sourced from my local timber merchants. 

The hooks are all hand forged over the anvil using traditional blacksmithing techniques and finished with beeswax to provide a perfect interior finish. The hooks are approximately 12 cm long by 6cm deep and spaced evenly along the oak.

The oak has been sanded and waxed with high grade interior wax to offer good protection of the oak as well as giving a lovely smooth finish to the item. There are x4 4mm holes for attachment 

Traditional Butchers Meat Hook

Price: £6.00

This traditional meat hook has been forged down to a point before bending around the anvil. It is practically strong as well as decorative as I have left the corners on the taper so the forge work can be admired.

8 cm long
5 cm wide
Beeswax Finish
4mm wide hole for attachment

Large Scroll Tip Hook

Price: £12.00

A very strong yet decorative hook. Made from 10mm solid round bar I have forged and curled the tip to form a scroll. The head of the hook has been set down under the hammer with two holes made for attachment. These look particularly great on oak doors and cloak rooms.

12 cm long
6 cm wide
Beeswax Finish

Rustic Oak Key Holder

Price: £35.00

These are my small hand forged hooks mounted on to stunning rustic piece of oak. This rustic hanger is ideal for hanging up your keys or dog leads or even as a gift.

Length: 30 cm
Width: 5.5 cm wide
Depth 2 cm
Hooks: beeswax finish
Oak: Protective Dark wax

Medium Penny End Hook

Price: £6.00

Strong yet delicate looking these are the 'Bigger Brother' to my popular 'Penny End' small hooks.
These hooks are polished whilst still hot and coated with traditional beeswax to provide a perfect interior finish. 

7 cm High
4.5 cm Deep
4 mm Hole for Attachment 
Beeswax Finnish